Famous Grannies Dating Younger Men

Ooh La La Grandma!

More power to the older more sophisticated women that choose to date younger men!

Why not?

There are so many appealing aspects on both sides of the relationship to have it this way. Older and more mature women have it more or less figured out. They know what they want, have established careers and are more experienced in many things. (To include the bedroom of course!)

Although “grannie dating” is still taboo in many ways, it is becoming more and more socially acceptable and embraced by many! Just take a look at these famous grannies dating younger men.

Madonna is a perfect example! She is known for dating men that are younger than her. And we mean way younger. Her boy toy is twenty eight years younger than she is. There is almost three decades between them! Go Madonna!

The famous actress Susan Sarandon is no newbie when it comes to dating younger men as well. Right now, her current boyfriend is almost thirteen years her junior. Susan states that she would prefer it that way in an interview with Style magazine. She says that younger men bring out the young woman she feels that she is at heart. We don’t doubt that dating a younger man would be more of an adventure. She also stated that it will keep her alive a lot longer than just settling down with someone her age or older.

And who can forget the classy and sophisticated Elizabeth Taylor? This woman is known for her beauty and her style. Elizabeth, like so many others, also preferred a younger man. The late star’s last husband Larry Fortensky was twenty years younger than she was. Although that relationship ultimately ended up in a divorce, Larry stated that he wouldn’t have traded it for the world. He told the press that Elizabeth was like a tall, cool drink of water and that her experiences and maturity is what lured him to her.

Wendy Salisbury is a New York Times best-selling author and sixty-three years old. She has claimed time and time again that she will only date men that are at least twenty years younger than she is. In her books, she tells provocative stories about her dating experiences. She’s tried dating men her own age and she feels that it just won’t work for her. “Toyboys” as she calls them, bring her happiness and a fulfilling life. Reading through her books, she claims that the sex is fantastic and that she couldn’t believe what it was she was missing out on.

There are more than just the three of these women that prefer to date younger men. There are famous authors, actresses, news anchors, and countless other women celebs that prefer to bridge the age gap when it comes to dating. And they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dating a younger man has a sense of danger, passion, ignition, and bragging rights that doesn’t always come with dating someone your own age. Hey, that’s not to say that more mature men aren’t appealing. But the thought of a younger man with more energy, willingness, and excitement about him certainly has its appeals.