Granny Dating vs. Cougar Dating

Granny Dating vs. Cougar Dating

Relationships have never been easy to understand. One thing is for sure, there is not a perfect expert in relationships. With each day and experience, we learn and that is what makes us able to pen our thoughts, views and opinions of different forms of relationships.

We have certain set values and that factor also comes to play when it comes to our dating relationships; let us not be mistaken, in the end, it’s our feelings that matter; selfish or not. Between granny dating vs. cougar dating, we believe that these two are one and same so please do not get confused. The only differentiating feature is that granny dating is more popular in the United Kingdom.

There are women who just can’t date men within their age bracket; the man has got to be several years younger for him to hold their interest. These people are referred to as those into granny dating. These women whose children are same ages with their male love interests are financially stable. They do not lack in money and as such are very confident women.

With granny dating, the woman loves to mother’ her considerably younger lover whilst get sexual satisfaction at the same time. Sexual satisfaction is the ultimate interest for granny dating and when it gets boring, they move to the next new play thing’. Check out this web site to see what I mean. All those women are looking for much younger guys! Lucky them I say!

In Europe, as well as the USA and many other countries Cougar dating is extremely popular – older women who date younger men. These women are in their late 30s and also in their 40s who seek sexual dominance and want to experience young love’ again and as such, through caution to the winds despite objections from friends and families. They have this devil-may care attitude and can date this younger man – damn the consequences. So many women walking the streets want to be admired and appreciated. Engaging in Cougar dating is the best way to achieve that. Fact is that many younger men appreciate experience and maturity and want to date a cougar. European men find this site particularly attractive – – it has thousands of gorgeous European women on it. No wonder the younger guys go crazy!

We have no right to begrudge anyone of their right to being in a relationship with who so ever they so please. We once had a conversation with this lady in her 60s where she told us that when a women starts to get older that the need for a male companion, albeit a younger one skyrockets. Most women tend to become more sexually active as they get older and you can’t blame them for wanting to be with young and vibrant men seeing as these (boys) men do not mind. You will find that most of the elderly women are still as attractive as the girl next door and age really is just a number for them.

Cougar dating and granny dating are here to stay. Fact is, older women are fitter and more healthy than ever before and younger guys have begun to realise that. After all isn’t this the ultimate NSA or casual dating experience?