The Granny Phenomenon Unzipped

The Granny Phenomenon Unzipped!

Dating Opportunities For The Young-at-Heart

There are numerous dating sites for men and women out there. And it means an increased range of men and women of different age groups, lifestyles, ethnicity and other variations to meet and experience. There are several dating sites that hope to provide unique dating opportunities like none other.

As they compete with each other to gain more members, they try and find unique ways of providing dates for their members. One such way is the granny dating phenomenon. If you are shocked to hear this, do not be. If you search online, you will surely find a number of sites offering older men and women a chance to mingle and find friends or soul mates.

Empty Nesters Look For Dates Online

There are many changes in our social pattern which makes it possible for grandparents too to find friends or dates online. Many grandparents are empty nesters whose children and grandchildren do not live with them or near them. Again, when a grandparent couple loses their partner either due to natural causes or through divorce, they are single again.

With improved physical health and economic independence, there is nothing keeping them from seeking a new partner in life or looking for dates for company. Indeed, this growing section of people is forming the clientele of niche sites that cater to elderly people and their distinct needs.

Advantages Of Having Elderly Dates

Liberal thought processes in the eastern world accompanied by new age grandparents who are not burdened by social or emotional constraints leads to this new section of people who are ready to date. Indeed, there are many elderly people who have lost their partners and are lonely in their lives.

  •   They have enough of time in their hands as they lead retired lives. Most people in such a stage in life are comfortably settled with a house they can call their own and money to be independent.
  •   These factors make it easy for them to date and to look for company.

Recent Trend Of Dating Older Women

Nowadays many men are out looking for older women to date. Older women too are putting aside their hesitation or mental constraints not to date younger men. That leaves the field open for young or not so young grannies to find desirable men out there. Many men find many qualities in older women which they do not find in younger women:

  • Such women are older, more mature and have had prior experience in handling relationships
  • They know ways to woo and charm their partner through their varied experiences
  • Many women are in such stages of their lives and free of career demands or family needs

Thus, grannies who are healthy, in shape, are self-sufficient and free of family commitments are indeed great catches for younger or older men as well. No wonder then that this new section of women are in demand in the dating circles. As they throw back the covers of self-doubt and fear of social criticism, they find many companions awaiting them online and ready to take the next step as well.