5 Facts About Shagging A Granny To Keep You Up At Night

5 Facts About Shagging A Granny To Keep You Up At Night

Do you think that you know women inside and out? Have you had enough and already made your way through plenty of girls your own age and slightly older that haven’t interested you in the slightest? Are you starting to think outside the box for something more interesting, exciting, something that will keep you on your toes?

You know what you need? You need someone older, more interesting, more exciting – a woman that knows what she is doing and doesn’t need to play games with you!

Before you disregard this, take a peek at these 5 facts about shagging a Granny that’ll keep you up all night:

1 – They WILL use you for sex.

It’s about time someone played the same games on us guys as we do on those poor girls out there, and who better to do it to you than someone that is going to use you for sex in the best way possible?

She’ll rock your world, that Granny, if you’ll just let her. Trust me on this one – she’s older than you are and she’s probably been around the block a few times. Of course she is going to know all the tricks of the trade. She’s probably been trying to spice up her sex life with her ex-husband for years!

2 – They will date you because they think you are exciting.

The reason you are exciting to these women is because you are somewhat different to what they are regularly used to. They are used to men their own age, that are starting to slow down a little, that probably can’t keep up with them in bed because these women have found their new sexual peak.

You are exciting because you want to go dancing, drinking, bowling, spend Sundays in bed naked, etc. You have something these women want – they want excitement.

3 – She’ll be more into you if you make an effort with yourself.

If you’re a dirty little scruff-bag that barely manages to put clean clothes on in the morning, no girl is going to be ‘into you’ regardless of their age. This definitely applies to older women. She’s had her kids and she’s already dressed them for almost 16 years, what makes you think she’s going to be interested in putting up with you and your immature ripped-jeans style now? It doesn’t matter what you look like in your own time but in hers, you better look the part.

4 – She’s not bothered about making it ‘official’.

This is the one thing that many younger guys are looking for at this ripe, fertile age – they don’t want a girl that will commit to them, they want a woman they can call up, have a good time with, and then leave again without the pressure of answering the phone to them every five minutes, or texting regular hourly updates throughout the day.

Chances are, she is going want to keep this as much on the down-low as you are. You are young enough to be her Grandson, after all.

5 – She does want you to be mature…

As much as she’s looking for something young, fun and interesting, she’s not going to want to date her son when he was back in his teens, or the grandkids she’s helping to take care of that are only a few years younger than you are. You need to be the younger guy that acts older than his years, not the younger guy that acts like a teenager. Again, it doesn’t matter what you get up to in your own time, but when you’re with her, try to refrain from taking on the child-like role.