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About Me

First I will start off by saying if you are a granny (or simply an older lady) don’t give up on love and physical encounters. With 2 failed marriages behind me (and children grown up and left home) and my looks not as eye catching as they used to be, I gave up on finding my dream man. I haven’t found him yet but I am having hell of a good time trying! The internet has opened up so many doors for me in terms of what men want in a woman. Granny dating is becoming increasingly popular, lots of younger men are looking to have fun with older ladies.

An advert for “granny dating” popped up when I was checking my emails one day, with nothing to lose I made an account on the website. I found the most flattering picture of myself and typed up a short but to the point description. When checking my account the next day, I was shocked to see how many replies I had received, many from men some 20-30 years younger than me.

I spoke to one gentleman for several weeks before I finally agreed to a date with him. He wined and dined me at a local restaurant and after a drink or two, I was relaxed in his company. I could see that he was attracted to me immensely and the feelings were definitely mutual. It goes without saying that the night ended with us in a hotel room with one another. The evening was fantastic, he couldn’t get enough of me and who knew that young men could have so much stamina.

I seen him a few more times but I wasn’t looking to settle down so I dated other men from the website too. Some might call my actions foolish and promiscuous but I am a single lady and I want some more good times in this life. I always make sure that I am safe and I advise that you do the same if you are interested in granny dating. You can do this by meeting in a public place and always practice safe sex.

Some men I only have a date or two with, I just enjoy male company and don’t necessarily sleep with them. My more memorable dates however I must admit have ended up between the sheets and in a more recent case, the back of his car! I have men who I see regularly and we have great times but we have an understanding that things are not to get serious. Maybe one day I will meet the man I want to settle down with but for now I am having a great time seeing whats out there and having some ‘test drives’.

I have started writing this blog to show you that woman of ALL ages can still get a man thanks to granny dating and other fantasies that the male species may have. I am going to help you with advise on how you can get started, how to meet like minded people and also keep you up to date on my exciting sex life.

Hugs and Kisses