Why Young Men Fancy Older Women

Why Young Men Fancy Older Women

A lot of literature has been written on relationships and dating over the years with many authors attempting to come up with fixed rules for dating. Rules that fix the dating age for both men and women are being violated every day.

New, exciting and confusing dimensions to dating are being experienced especially when it comes to age. Traditionally, marrying a man who is a few years your senior was acceptable for women while marrying a man who is decades your senior was frowned upon. For men, marrying a woman who is their senior was totally unheard of and the few who did never dared to come out publicly about it.

Nowadays, young men are being seen in the streets and beaches boldly holding hands with women who are old enough to be their mothers, or even grandmothers. Most of them are not even an inch shy about it. If anything, it has formed a basis for bragging and is seen as a show of success. The question that begs is why do young men fancy older women?

Financial Stability

We are living in an era where financial stability is as important to a man just as it is to a woman before making a decision to settle and get married. Young women are still struggling to make it in life and most are yet to secure good jobs. Young men are quick to run away from these young women because marrying them will mean having a dependent for a wife. Young men are focusing more on women who have made it in their careers and who are able to foot bills, pay the mortgage and make general financial contributions in the house.


Older women are also experienced in life. They are unlikely to make silly mistakes like drinking themselves silly or focusing on partying all night. They are at a stage where they are making solid plans for their life and putting things in order. For a man, there is nothing as attractive as woman who will not nag about the small things in life all day.

Exciting Sex Life

Older women are less conscious about their bodies and are therefore more fun in bed. They probably know their sexuality and what they want from it. They are more willing to try new and exciting things which they deem as a way of remaining youthful. For a young man, the older woman will provide a thrilling sexual experience. A relationship with an older woman will keep a young man on his toes just as they like it.

Fewer Responsibilities

The truth is young men are afraid of responsibilities. They want to have sex but will freak out if they found their girlfriend is pregnant. Older women do not bother about having children and therefore they offer an easy way for young men who do not want to shoulder responsibilities. They are more willing to pay the bills and take financial responsibility generally. Simply put, older women provide a gateway for young men to have it all while incurring minimal expenses.

But the fact is dating older women has become more socially acceptable – trendy if you like. The celebrities do it, so that makes it socially acceptable for everyone to do it! Cougar dating sites and granny dating web sites have become two of the most popular dating niches for younger men. It seems that casual dating with younger women is out. Young guys crave the experience that only older women have! Check out two of my favourites: cougardating.tv and hotgrannydating.com – both of which cater to younger guys looking for different types of younger women!

The Reality Of Dating A Much Younger Man

The Reality Of Dating A Much Younger Man

Each and every time a female celebrity starts dating a much younger man, the judgment also begins to fly, as if on cue. It didn’t make for exciting news when, for instance, Catherine Zeta-Jones started seeing Michael Douglas – a man many years her senior; but when Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a 31-year-old actress, announced that she was getting engaged to 23-year-old Cutter Dykstra, the online community exploded with commentary, both negative and positive, but equally passionate.

The term “cougar” – used to describe women who date much younger women, carries a certain negativity to it: the woman is the hunter, and the poor young male is the hunted. There is a slight taboo to dating much younger men, and if you’re going to trespass it, why not make sure you do it for something that is worth your while? It’s definitely helpful to appreciate the reality of dating a much younger man – to understand what you’ll be getting yourself into.

What is the allure of it? The novel nature of a relationship with a much younger man is what pumps excitement into the relationship to begin with. By the time a woman is well into her mid to late forties or fifties, she has dated all kinds of men, and the ordinary relationship seemingly offers nothing but pure boredom. The new energy and adventure a relationship with a younger man promises can be a powerful incentive to try it out.

The younger man will make you feel young and attractive again, he will push boundaries you had fearfully cocooned yourself in; and show you the world in a whole new light – in ways that older men or those your own age couldn’t possibly be able even to imagine.

All stereotypes carry with them significant inaccuracies – and exceptions always abound even where some of them are true. So the platitudes you’ve always heard about younger men being possibly immature, non-committal or just interested in sex – might be false generalizations standing in the way of a happy and successful relationship with a younger man.

There are two sides to every coin however, and some difficulties commonly reported by those who have dated younger men must be appreciated. Society has trained our minds to believe that the male ought to be the stronger, wiser, more affluent partner in the relationship – that it is natural for the man to be on a higher footing in a heterosexual relationship.

Older women, however, have lived longer and seen much more. They are more experienced, possibly richer and more knowledgeable. This might be awkward at first, and overwhelming for the younger man if he is not sufficiently secure.

You can expect to encounter judgmental attitudes widely reported by people in various kinds of unconventional relationships. Both of you must have the stomach for it, and get used to ignoring any judgmental remarks or glances. There possibly will be a difference in your energy levels, and both parties need to find a way to negotiate a balance that suits everyone.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right balance for differences both parties are sure to encounter between them, and not to let them get in the way of having a happy, successful relationship.

For the success stories out there, these differences become less and less visible as time goes by. They only remember about their age difference when they get the curious look. If on the other hand the differences grow bigger and more visible by the day, both parties must be mature enough to call it a day.

Whichever way you look at it, cougar dating has become a worldwide phenomenon – from Australia to the USA, you will find cougar dating web sites everywhere. It has never been so easy for young men to fulfill their ultimate fantasy to cougar date and become intimate with an older, more experienced woman. And why not? Age is just a number!

Granny Dating vs. Cougar Dating

Granny Dating vs. Cougar Dating

Relationships have never been easy to understand. One thing is for sure, there is not a perfect expert in relationships. With each day and experience, we learn and that is what makes us able to pen our thoughts, views and opinions of different forms of relationships.

We have certain set values and that factor also comes to play when it comes to our dating relationships; let us not be mistaken, in the end, it’s our feelings that matter; selfish or not. Between granny dating vs. cougar dating, we believe that these two are one and same so please do not get confused. The only differentiating feature is that granny dating is more popular in the United Kingdom.

There are women who just can’t date men within their age bracket; the man has got to be several years younger for him to hold their interest. These people are referred to as those into granny dating. These women whose children are same ages with their male love interests are financially stable. They do not lack in money and as such are very confident women.

With granny dating, the woman loves to mother’ her considerably younger lover whilst get sexual satisfaction at the same time. Sexual satisfaction is the ultimate interest for granny dating and when it gets boring, they move to the next new play thing’. Check out this web site to see what I mean. All those women are looking for much younger guys! Lucky them I say!

In Europe, as well as the USA and many other countries Cougar dating is extremely popular – older women who date younger men. These women are in their late 30s and also in their 40s who seek sexual dominance and want to experience young love’ again and as such, through caution to the winds despite objections from friends and families. They have this devil-may care attitude and can date this younger man – damn the consequences. So many women walking the streets want to be admired and appreciated. Engaging in Cougar dating is the best way to achieve that. Fact is that many younger men appreciate experience and maturity and want to date a cougar. European men find this site particularly attractive – www.cougardating.eu – it has thousands of gorgeous European women on it. No wonder the younger guys go crazy!

We have no right to begrudge anyone of their right to being in a relationship with who so ever they so please. We once had a conversation with this lady in her 60s where she told us that when a women starts to get older that the need for a male companion, albeit a younger one skyrockets. Most women tend to become more sexually active as they get older and you can’t blame them for wanting to be with young and vibrant men seeing as these (boys) men do not mind. You will find that most of the elderly women are still as attractive as the girl next door and age really is just a number for them.

Cougar dating and granny dating are here to stay. Fact is, older women are fitter and more healthy than ever before and younger guys have begun to realise that. After all isn’t this the ultimate NSA or casual dating experience?