What Is Granny Dating

Granny Dating: The Growing Trend of Dating Older Women

When observing couples in public, one often notices the difference in age. Usually, it can only be safely assumed that the man is older based on appearance and what the “social norm” dictates, but what is becoming more common is seeing a younger man with a woman much older than he is. The act of dating an older woman has become so noticeable today that websites, Facebook groups, and even a name has been dedicated to it.

The term “Granny Dating” has been coined simply to define a relationship- whether casual or serious- where the woman is significantly older than the man. Throughout the years it has become increasingly popular for men to have promiscuous relationships with women who are much older as they are at a higher maturity level and financially sound over women who are considerably younger.

GILF dating (as it is also called) doesn’t, however, only benefit the man in the relationship. Women who date younger men have been inclined to feel more youthful themselves with a much more energetic partner than in someone closer to their own age.

It has become almost a standard of dating to see that the man in the relationship is older than the woman. Since time out of mind girls were married at a young age to men that were in most cases twice as old or older.

In this day and age, the standard is starting to reverse. There was a point in time that women, having no political or social status in society and being unable to provide for themselves, depended on their father and later husbands to provide for them.

Now that women are able to work and make a living themselves, they are no longer dependent on men as a source of income and therefore aren’t required to marry someone so much older than they are. In turn, they are free to experience the excitement of dating a younger man for the benefit of company rather than need.

Granny dating has numerous benefits for men today. For one, women who are older have had plenty of experience with men, especially compared to a girl of a younger age. Despite the fact that they may not have the physical characteristics they did ten years ago, older women have knowledge and experience that quickly makes up for it. They are also more independent and less needy.

Older women are further along in their careers and don’t require a lot of money from the men they date because they provide for themselves. Men see these as great reasons to delve into the new world that is Granny Dating, and most of them agree that it’s a fun and new way to experience relationships as a whole.

It gives us a new twist on the social norm, and perhaps someday it will be more common to see a younger man with an older woman than the other way around. Granny dating is still coming out of the works, but it is clear that this new means of dating isn’t slowing down.

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