Why Young Men Fancy Older Women

Why Young Men Fancy Older Women

A lot of literature has been written on relationships and dating over the years with many authors attempting to come up with fixed rules for dating. Rules that fix the dating age for both men and women are being violated every day.

New, exciting and confusing dimensions to dating are being experienced especially when it comes to age. Traditionally, marrying a man who is a few years your senior was acceptable for women while marrying a man who is decades your senior was frowned upon. For men, marrying a woman who is their senior was totally unheard of and the few who did never dared to come out publicly about it.

Nowadays, young men are being seen in the streets and beaches boldly holding hands with women who are old enough to be their mothers, or even grandmothers. Most of them are not even an inch shy about it. If anything, it has formed a basis for bragging and is seen as a show of success. The question that begs is why do young men fancy older women?

Financial Stability

We are living in an era where financial stability is as important to a man just as it is to a woman before making a decision to settle and get married. Young women are still struggling to make it in life and most are yet to secure good jobs. Young men are quick to run away from these young women because marrying them will mean having a dependent for a wife. Young men are focusing more on women who have made it in their careers and who are able to foot bills, pay the mortgage and make general financial contributions in the house.


Older women are also experienced in life. They are unlikely to make silly mistakes like drinking themselves silly or focusing on partying all night. They are at a stage where they are making solid plans for their life and putting things in order. For a man, there is nothing as attractive as woman who will not nag about the small things in life all day.

Exciting Sex Life

Older women are less conscious about their bodies and are therefore more fun in bed. They probably know their sexuality and what they want from it. They are more willing to try new and exciting things which they deem as a way of remaining youthful. For a young man, the older woman will provide a thrilling sexual experience. A relationship with an older woman will keep a young man on his toes just as they like it.

Fewer Responsibilities

The truth is young men are afraid of responsibilities. They want to have sex but will freak out if they found their girlfriend is pregnant. Older women do not bother about having children and therefore they offer an easy way for young men who do not want to shoulder responsibilities. They are more willing to pay the bills and take financial responsibility generally. Simply put, older women provide a gateway for young men to have it all while incurring minimal expenses.

But the fact is dating older women has become more socially acceptable – trendy if you like. The celebrities do it, so that makes it socially acceptable for everyone to do it! Cougar dating sites and granny dating web sites have become two of the most popular dating niches for younger men. It seems that casual dating with younger women is out. Young guys crave the experience that only older women have! Check out two of my favourites: cougardating.tv and hotgrannydating.com – both of which cater to younger guys looking for different types of younger women!